Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Long Time No See.... Yet Again

Yes I have disappeared … again. I have been beyond busy I have been more disciplined with my time management, that I forgot about making time to blog. So I am going to have to redo my weekly schedule again.

…but here is the quick update about what has been going on with me.


I have been seeing a guy. I will call him “The Boy”, if you haven’t figured out why I gave him that name, that just means you really don’t read my blog…lol. I call him “The Boy” because he is younger than me. I finally caved in and gave a younger guy a shot. So far things are good. (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself). We have only been “friends” for two weeks. So far, so good. We have had one “misunderstanding” (totally his fault), but he was able to redeem himself that same day by embarrassing himself. We shall see how this plays out. We both are very busy people, so we don’t get to spend a lot of time together, and are you all ready for the ****SHOCKER!!!***? I AM TOTALLY OK WITH IT!!! Out of the two weeks I have only seen him 4 times, and that equaled up to about 9 hours of quality time with this guy. HA! We compared both of our schedules, and I don’t even see how we managed that. HA! But seriously I like this guy, everything feels light with him. The only way I see us not working out is due our overwhelming schedules....and (there as always an "and"). The age difference.
***Update: So much more has happened since I wrote this blog, so be expecting another blog to follow really soon***


I have slowly been detoxicing myself from the Facebook games. Yaaaaaayyy!!! However, at the same time I have replaced one addiction with another. Booooooo!!!! Salsa dancing is my new obsession. I meet new people, and get in a good workout all at the same time. I can't believe how good I am getting. I sometime just sit there and watch people. I sometime pull it up on youtubr too, just to see the different styles. It is so much fun!!!!


I have also been baking a little more. I really need to get more focused on this! SERIOUSLY! I have been better with looking for a new job! I need one that leaves me more fulfilled. It is becoming more, and more clear to me that this place isn’t the place for me. I want to give myself to June to find a new job that I want to put 100% of myself into something I love to do, the problem is finding exactly what it is that will do that for me. I am giving myself a little more leeway so now I have pushed back the latest to August. The youth ministry is on break during that time. So I can use that time to see if that is something I want to continue doing, along with keeping my same schedule. My schedule is playing a key role in my job search at this point.


I am starting to realize that friendships are alot like "dating relationships" I am seeing that I am in some freindships by myself. This saddens me at times, but all I can do now is chalk it up to growing apart. I do tell some of them how I feel, but I still feel as though I am the only one trying in the relationship.... sigh. Everything happens for a reason.

I am currently reading-

I will talk more about this book when I finish it, but so far so good.