Sunday, November 29, 2009

Excuse me miss...

I am still on my mission of meeting new people, so far so good. This past Wednesday night I was heading to U st. with the soul purpose of going to go dancing... sooooo didn't

I had planned on going to Tabaq Bistro to get my dance on. I head to MLK to catch the bus as soon as I got there the bus pulled off... sigh ... so I decide to walk to the metro station instead. I pass by this group of men, they say hi, I say my usual "what's up" , and I noticed one of the guys had this huge smile on his face... it made me smile, keep it moving. Two minutes later I get around the corner when I hear "excuse me miss" coming from a sexy voice, I look to the side and there he is, the one with the big smile in his truck beside really? I look at him and laugh, he is cute.
Big smile: "can I call you sometime"
Me: "no, but thank you"
Big smile: "ok then, why don't you call me then"
Me: "no" lol
Big smile: "why not?"
Me: "I never do call"
(keep in mind I am still walking down the street, and he is still
***he pulls over***
Big smile: "stop being mean and let me call you" lol
Me: "fine..." ***gives him my number, and walks off***
I get to the metro station my phone is ringing... it is big smile. His name is Gary. WORD!? lol.
I end up talking to him almost all night... because he didn't want to stop talking to me. Interesting.

Fast forward a few days... He is a lot older than me... I like it! He has two children... not that much younger than just kidding.. well kind of. He has never been married. We have just been hanging out so far, we haven't been on a date yet, our schedules He smiles a lot and is always laughing at me, he is a such gentleman, and at the same time for an old dude he is really slick when getting fresh with He told me that he is very taken with me, I believe it.

This should be

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This weekend... Introducing Glenn the ex...smh

I did not go out and meet any new people this weekend. I had way too many errands to run. I went to the dreaded laundry mat. Vegged out on my couch still trying to get done with watching all the shows stored on my DVR I am down to about I hung out with my cousin Jon we are about one year apart in age, and have the same sense of humor which is Jon has to definitely be my favorite cousin hands down.

The Metro dude Robert called me twice this weekend... he didn't have anything to talk about... go figure, he said he wants to take me out to dinner, we shall see. I have this theory which is based on Christtet Michele’s song “All In What You Do” Ms. Michele says in the song “say it with your actions, saying those words to me, doesn’t mean anything” PREACH!!!!

(Side bar: Neyo wrote this song… I really think he was a woman in his past life…lol.) So I have dubbed 2010 the PROVE IT YEAR! I will not believe anything only one tells me until I see it happen for myself (.).

I tried to go shopping… failed. I am not a good shopper… my body is out of proportion, all top no bottom... which sucks!!! I am starting consider getting a breast reduction… I need to learn more about it. Honestly I think I will really put more thought into it, if I start to have back problems.


I saw the ex for about 15 minutes on Saturday... sigh. We kissed for about 5 minutes out of the 15 minutes we saw each other, I guess it's just habit. I don't understand that man, and have accepted the fact that I never will. Each time I see him, lets me know more and more, that he really isn't the one. The bond we once had, has faded away. I don't have an hard feelings towards him anymore. I just don't trust him, he knows it, and I know it. I know he is taking baby steps to gain my trust back, but it's not working for me. I think until he feels that I am no longer mad at him anymore, he we finally be gone from my life. I think thats all he wants.
To give you a little history the ex is Glenn, he and I "dated" for about 2 two years. Glenn and I put our cards on the table up front, had the same goals, and that was it. Fast foward 6 months Glenn had a change of heart, and didn't tell me. Glenn had sex with other woman (someone I knew). Glenn and I tried to start over, one month later Glenn met someone else, and want to pursue a relationship with them, and told me we couldn't see each other anymore. One month goes by Glenn wants back in. Fast foward 3 months Glenn wants to see other people, and still be in my life. Fast forward 2 weeks spotted Glenn around town with other chicks on his arm, but I couldn't trip becasue he we technically aren't in a relationship. Fast forward 2 years Glenn finally comes out with the truth about his feelings for me, it didn't end pretty, but it gave me closure. Rewind to six months ago, Glenn is trying to creep back in, and is still The chemistry between Glenn and I is unreal. I can honestly say that's why I kept letting him come back. Glenn = bad addiction.

Breaking free from him... taught me alot, I must admit. Getting over him was easier than I though. Keeping him out of my life has been the hardest thing out of all the non-sense... so far so good.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Operation Meet New People/My Meeting with a DMV Infamous Blogger.

Hey Yall!

I am on a mission to meet new people, due to the fact I think I know about 90% of the DC area, or I know somebody that you know… lol. Soooooo here we go...

My homie Jolly tells I have to come to the Twitter party at Liv ( I was told I had to come, as in I didn’t have a say in the matter…lol). A few days ago I was invited to attend a happy hour by the infamous  Mr. Sbminnova … when I read the invite my reaction was… say whaaaaaaaa????? Lol. Heck yeah I want to hangout with this DMV living legend!!! HA! Then he told me it was Thursday… ekkkkk … the same day as the twitter party. So I had to decline, because I know me, Thursday I was in no mood to run all over the city, right after work. So I regretfully declined and told him, maybe another day…. Sigh.

Thursday rolls around… I get a tweet from Ms. Ally B aka Dimples (even though she only has one dimple, the name suites her), telling me she plans on going to lounge of three for the Hip-Hop Trivia night, so I was like you know what, I stop past there on my way home being that it is located right around the corner from Liv. Then I thought about... I was like if I can make two events in one night I can make three! I email Mr. Sbminnova , and asked him where was the happy hour at, to my surprise he emailed me back with the name and place, and told me it was from 5-7pm…. Ekkkeee… thats early. I ask him what is he doing after that he tells me that he was going home unless he gets a better offer… ask and you shall receive sir!!! I tell him about the Twitter party. Mr. Sbminnova tells me he doesn’t have Twitter but he may come through… ***clutch the pearls*** you don’t have twitter?!?!?!?! Word son??? Lol.

I get off work, go home… and what do I do??? I freakin doze off on the couch!!! WHO DOES THAT!?!?! ME!!!! Lol. I wake up and look around the living room, look at the clock on my DVR… why oh why is it 7:15 PM. GREAT! The mad dash begins. Through on jeans and a shirt, go to freshen up my make-up (shout out the M.A.C, damned if their makeup doesn’t look better the longer you wear it!) I race out the house, and just missed the bus to take me to the station! FML! I just start walking. I get to the station the one of the 90 buses should be there in 5 minutes cool, or so I thought.
This dude that works at the corner store up the street from my house is waiting for the bus too, and recognizes me. He is trying to get my number, in very bad broken English. I tell him I have a boyfriend and give him my fake name Jennifer … (Yea I lied! Shame on me!). 15 mins later no bus I give up, Metro train it is. I  see I have emails… from Mr. SBMINNOVA telling me he was there and the door hadn’t opened yet… smh. Being late is never a good first impression… bad Tiff :( . I wait for the train. Then this dude that works for the metro starts trying to holla at me. I ask him about his religious beliefs he tells me he is not a believer. (REALLY DUDE?!?!?!) I was cool about the whole situation, I think he thought I was going to judge him and all that jazz, but that’s not me… he asks for my number. I tell him the only reason I am giving him my number is because I would like to continue the conversation, because my train was coming. Robert is his name. I give Robert my number, as soon as he walks off *** BAM** the foreign corner store worker is stand right there staring at me giving me that “Bish! You said you couldn’t give me your number because you have a boyfriend, but you just gave this negro your number” look… BUSTED!!! HA! Train pulls up I look out the corner of my eye at my foreign friend and walk down to the next cart to avoid being in the same cart with him…lol. I sit down with a sigh of relife... low and behold, if the foreigner isn’t right behind me… HA! The foreigner sits right across from me to top it I feeling the foreigner staring at me as I toy with my phone avoiding eye contact… after a while I just bust out laughing at the situation. U St cardoza couldn’t have come quick enough…lol. As soon as I step off the train I see another email for Mr. SBMINNOVA telling me he left and was heading home because apparently the bouncers didn’t know what was going on with the event…:( (black functions… smh). I couldn’t really blame him I was late.. sigh. I email him back saying “awwwww… maybe next time”. By the time I get upstairs I get another email from Mr. SBMINNOVA telling me he had come back, and asking if I was sitting on the couch. Huh? Early we had email each other exchange descriptions of what we were wearing so we could pin point each other out, for instance I was looking for someone who looked like a college professor, and he was looking for a short woman with a kinky afro.

I get to Liv finally! The bouncers happen to see my worker ID as I look for my regular ID, start harassing me about giving them at discount at the hotel (black people…lol). I get inside and was greeting with a warm smile from a tall stranger …hmmm. I see two of my homies go give them hug, start going on them about this ghetto function…lol. Then I look at the tall fellow again, look at his outfit “OMG IT’S HIM”. I run over to him, he starts laughing (((hug)))…lol.HI NEW FRIEND!

Mr. SBMINNOVA and I have a few laughs, share a few stories, I even got him to do a chair dance…lol. He leaves after about a hour or so, gave me a bear hug with one arm, and lifted me out of my chair (how you doin' I felt extra tiny after that…lol.

Two seconds after Mr. SBMINNOVA leaves… dudes started coming out of the shadows to approach me…lol. I didn’t pay any of them any mind, they are what I like to call jokers/busters. I did exchange Tweets with a guy that looks like could be Terrell Owens little brother. I ran into one of my home girls and chatted with her for a second, said my goodbyes, and headed to Lounge of Three.

Lounge of Three was cool I met up with Ally B., David, and Brain. I couldn’t hear any of the trivia questions because the people in the back were talking so loudly. I left 10 minutes later.

I took the bus home, and by the time I got off it was raining cats and dogs. I was walking down the street to my apartment, and I see this young mother and her child getting drenched. I approach them and ask the mother if she wanted my umbrella, and she looked shocked…lol. The young mother is like “NO! WHAT ABOUT YOUR HAIR!” ***side eye*** Really??? HA! I tell her not to worry about my hair and worry about her baby. The young mother is staring at me in disbelief, so I have to assure her that it ok…lol. The young mother hesitantly takes my umbrella, and thanks my about ten times, as I start to run down the hill (in heels might I add…lol).

I made it home, said my prayers, and went to sleep. WHAT A FAB NIGHT!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have traded in sex for...

I lost track of the last time I had sex.... I know I stopped having sex months before I gave my life to Christ... for reason I will discuss in other I have this addiction that as been brought on by my abstinence. This addiction has taken over my day to day activities, I schedule my life around my addiction. I know what you are thinking. “OMG!!! WHAT ARE YOU ADDICTED TO ” Sigh… I know I should know better.

My name is Tiffany, and I am Facebook game-oholic.

My habit started off with a co-worker telling me about Sorority Life. Next thing I knew I was so far ahead of her in the game she had started coming to ask me about things going on in the game. It got so bad that with the older version I was able to play it from my phone. I couldn’t wait for lunch time so that I could escape and go off to my virtual world. Then they update the whole game, and started adding all these other new things to it. I was still a little interested but this new version was nothing like old one.

Then facebook came out with the UNO application… oh my! So now I got to put a hurting on people I didn’t even know from all over the world.

After Uno, Bejeweled became my next fix. That game is 60 seconds of pure bliss. You would just keep playing, and playing, and playing, not even realizing that hours have gone by…lol. Then they updated that game too. Arruuuggggghhh… lol.

I keep getting these invite for this game called Farmville, I would just ignore them I was trying to quit cold turkey. No such luck… lol. My big sis and I were talking on the phone and she was telling me how fun the game was … (peer pressure all over again), she went on to tell me that our Aunt Rose was also playing the game to (basically telling me “everyone’s doing it”….lol)

Farmville really is a great game…lol. I virtually own the largest farm land you can purchase… sigh. You have to make sure you harvest your plants on time, or they will die. It’s basically like the giga-pet of gaming…lol. When I started this game my sister was 7 levels ahead of me. Today I am 3 levels ahead of her. This same company has other games I give me a little high… there is Yoville, CafĂ© World, and now Fishville.

So here I am Facebook pray for me ya'll.  

Monday, November 16, 2009

An Oprah Ephiany ...

Saturday aka "My stay in the house and do nothing day" I finally get around watching some of the 80% of  programming on my  DVR. I am watching Queen Oprah this episode is on "hoarders". One of Queens O's guest said something to the effect, of when you have a change in your life, you become a different person. I sat here and thought to myself "that could not be more true!"


I am a different person when in a relationship! Now I don't mean  that I change who I am, it's just that I am more happier when there is a man in my life. I can admit that. I mean who isn't? How could you not be? I mean who doesn't like having someone to enjoy life with? You know the newlywed stage in the relationship... you are walking around floating on cloud nine when you start dating someone... and all that jazz.

I am happy being single don't get my wrong, but when you are single.. you know... you don't have to be bothered with anyone, get use anyone's bad habits, and no one else to focus on but yourself... ahhhh the single life. LOL. Being single is also a plus for my Christian heart... yeah I said it! Seriously less temptation the sort of.

I guess it's time for me to come out of hiding... how can one be found while in hiding... lol. I have to get of this mind frame that I know everyone in DC... wish me luck... lol.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I little bit of this, a little bit of that...


I have been trying to keep my life organized by keeping everything in my scheduler again. I don’t know how I have been staying so busy, without leaving the house??? I haven’t been doing (JUST ABOUT) everything on my list… bad Tiff. Seeing that I only have about 1 month and a half to get most of goals underway (pray for me ya’ll), I have to get on the grind hard. I have been picking up some extra shifts at work, it other areas of the hotel… I really need that extra pocket change so I can by myself a Christmas present this year…lol.

Nothing is going on in this area still…lol. I still want to cuddle with someone, but I will wait, even though this is the prefect weather for it… I am just saying…lol. However I have been wanting to just talk on the phone with someone new and interesting. Is it weird to want to have an enjoyable and innocent conversation with someone I don’t even know???

Out and About

I have been wanting to go out for the past few weeks. With all the facebook invites and whatnot I seriously need to go out and have a good time. By the time I get off work and get home. I don’t want to go anywhere after that, especially in this weather. So I have told myself that the 21rd-28th I would go out somewhere… I have three days off that week, so I will be going to three different places that week, so I should have enough time to get plenty of rest in. So if you all know anything fun and exciting happening around that time let a sista know.

My Hair Blog

I have started my hair blog it is called Life in the Natural Lane… My Hair Stories. It is pretty much an ode to my natural hair, since I am coming up on my one year Nappyversary …lol. You can check that out here:
My Hair Blog or

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I want I want I want....

What I want I right now...

Goal: I would like to get my little bakery/catering company off the ground I have to get more focused January 2010 is my deadline. :) This makes me so happy, even if it doesn't do well I will still be happy that I at least tried.
I need to get a car... (.) I have to get one by next year that is my deadline...

I want to cuddle... with someone that I truly like and him like me in that same way... and someone that smells really good, and is warm. Praying for patients on that one.

I feel like I need to get out more... just to meet new people. I should not be walking around feeling like I now everyone in DC... thats

I want to take up a new hobby, or maybe take a dance class or something.

I am such an awesome work in!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am convinced men like crazy...

I frequently find myself in this scenario: the woman my ex dates after me and wants to settle down with is either full of drama and/or crazy. It is become rather frustrating to me. So I did what anyone would do... I went and asked an Ex.. lol.

He told me I have a warm, inviting, and simplistic nature which throws men off. He went on to tell me that men nervously are sitting there waiting for the crazy to come out. And when it never does, they INTENTIONALLY start doing things to try to piss me off… to see my reaction to things. My ex pretty much broke it down for me, he told me about myself as well, I can tell he was waiting to get that off his, but that’s for another blog... maybe later today.

So I am pretty much convinced that unless you have a lot of drama going on in your life, and are nuts, you will never have a successful relationship. He told me no matter how much a man says he wants a woman with no drama, he is lying. He told me every man has a "captain save em" complex. This started to confuse me... and I thought he was maybe saying that I (me personally) don't show I care about the man I am dating. He told me no those are to separate This was like a two hour long conversation. I am thinking about testing out this theory... to see if its I mean I should start dating someone, act like I have all this drama going on in my world, be mean, and crazy, just to see if that makese the guy want to be with me more.

Hmmmm... I just might do

Monday, November 2, 2009

Random thoughts...about me and dating

I currently find myself forgetting about to opposite sex... like until someone ask me about my love life, or why I am single. I can honestly say 90% of the time a relationship and dating is the last thing on my mind. Not to say I don't want to, or anything like that, but I am just confused about how I got to this point.

The last date I went on was with a guy I went to school with, and he basically told me that I was interested in him because, he was single, makes pretty babies, looks decent. ***Blank stare*** I could never be interested with him, because his ego makes him unattractive to me, I don't know if he is feeling his self because he got that chip tooth fixed or not, but nah. The only reason I went out with him was because, he kept asking when were we going to hangout, and I thought it would be cool to catch up with him. Looking back on that I still don't see how he could have thought that when I did nothing to lead him to think that I was interested. I was rocking the jeans in T-Shirt look, barely any makeup, and tennis shoes. We ate dinner at HOPS for I mean other than laughing at his jokes (which in all honesty were really funny) I don't know what body language he was reading.***Sigh***

I would like just to go on a nice date though... I wouldn't even need a second date... I  would just be grateful enough to go out and have a  nice time... is  this what my love/dating life has come too??? LOL... oh