Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Were I have been...

Where have you been? Are you going to blog again ...lol. I took a little break. I do have alot to write about, but I will be taking baby steps.

My aunt lost her husband recently, suddenly, and quickly. I heard her yell out in pain, I sat and watched a woman's heart break. There was nothing I could do to stop her pain, it broke my heart to watch her. I watched a few tear drops fall. She tried to breath life back into her husband, but he was gone. I watched my aunt be strong. I love her so much. I got my dimples from this woman, but I haven't seen her normal smile lately. My aunt is a busy body, and shop alcoholic... lol I hope she remains that way. Will she ever be the same? I am not mad. Should I be? God needed a new angel. That puts my sadness at ease.

I have been with my family. I don't normally spend alot of time with them, I don't know why. My world just doesn't seem normal anymore. Everything feels somewhat like a dream. I feel disconnected from somethings. I am finding my passion for things again, I am finding my inspiration to write again. I am just waiting to feel like me again.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I was gonna name him Cat Daddy but I opted for ....

Granddad!!!! I went on a "date" last night with Granddad. If you remember my blog/rant about men giving out cards... welp he was the one that yelled at me as I was going down the staircase...lol. Yup I called him.

So we were supposed to go out this Monday, but I canceled because I was sick as a dog. He was really understanding. He evened called to see if I needed anything. Awwwwwww....lol. So we rescheduled for Saturday. Yup the day of the Cowboys game...lol. SO. I called him Saturday, and he told me he wanted to watch the game, I asked him "do you want to see me before the game then?", and he told me "Oh no, you are coming with me." WORD!?!?! LMBO! I guess he realized that he sounded bossy, "oh man I wasn't trying to stay you had to, if you want to do something else we can." LOL! I told him it was fine, this man is too funny.

So he was was late, then i was late then we finally got ourselves together...lol. So I get in the car, and then he tells me we are go anywhere since we missed the beginning of the game. Cool with me... until....

Just fast forward the 3:40

minus the coupon.

I could have died laughing then and there!!! The sad part is, while I was waiting him to pick me up their commercial came on, and I thought to myself "I could really go for some cheddar biscuits." LMBO!

We get the restaurant and I tell him we can sit at the bar to watch the game. He looked at me like he was in love...lol. So we sit at the bar, he does most of the talking which I don't really mind, he is a very interesting person. I think I was in the game more than him...lol, he didn't seem to mind. I notice two chicks get across the bar kept eyeing him. Oh really tricks? It made me laugh. I went to the restroom and came back, and he was having a conversation with group of people that was sitting at the bar. "Awww he is cute." I thought to myself ...lol.

Overall I enjoyed myself. The two tricks kept trying to get his attention, all I have to say about that is, they are lucky I am saved. *blank stare* But yeah, I had fun with him. He was a complete gentleman. I honestly don't see anything happening with him. Not because of his age. I just know he isn't looking for anything serious. I would hang out with him again, he has already told me that, that was going to be the first of many dates. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we shall see. Lol.

I guess I should reveal his age now... he is.... ***drum roll*** 50.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pastor Pimpin'

If you are friends with me via facebook or twitter, you may have heard me mention the guy I have dubbed "Pastor Pimpin". Pastor Pimpin is a guy I when to school with, who is now a pastor. The "pimpin" comes in to play, due to him giving off the "playa, playa vibe". *blank stare*

Pastor Pimpin isn't really a bad guy, and no I am not saying that because he is a pastor. He has some good moments with me. Pastor Pimpin has this thing where he thinks he is sexy or something. *blank stare*, he is a big guy, not to say that big are sexy, because there some very sexy ones out there ***flirt, flirt, wink, wink*** it's just that Pastor Pimpin' isn't one of them.

It all started via Facebook, he would send me messages asking, "when are you going to let me take you out?", I would tell him "wouldn't you have to ask me first?". This is a typical converstation between us. Then I remember the night of the Inguaration he calls me asking what I was doing, I tell him I had to work that night. Pastor Pimpin' then tell me "Yeah, you know I wanted to see what you were doing cause I am with some of my boys, and I want to see if you could get some of your girls so we could all go hang out." OKAY DIDDY!!! For some reason that got me in a bad mood... I told him "sorry, but I am working all night."(which was true) then Pastor Pimpin' tells me "Well, okay, you know you can call me sometimes." Sigh. I tell him "Oh. Okay. Thats good to know. Well, I have to go talk to you later. Bye."

Pastor Pimpin continued to keep in contact with me via Facebook , and asked to take me out for breakfast one day. I said yes, I mean whats the worst that could happen? So we go out to breakfast one Saturday morning, it was cool. Pastor Pimpin' told me about his health issues, and why he gained so much weight, he told me about he church, and other things. I have to admit I enjoyed myself. Pastor Pimpin took me home, we said our goodbyes, and that was it. I thought to myself now that wasn't so bad. Maybe, just maybe I was too hard on him.... until I got a phone call from him. Sigh. Pastor Pimpin' called and asked
PP: "hey what are you doing?"
ME: "nothing much sitting here reading a book."
PP: "You know it would have been nice of you to invite me in."
ME: "Ummm... why would I have invited you in?"
PP: "You know we could have watched some movies or something."
ME: "I don't really have men in my apartment like."
PP: "But I am not just any man."
ME: "But you are a man."
PP: "You know I wouldn't try anything, I just thought it would have been nice to spend more time with you."
ME: "Well, maybe next time. But, I am about to do some cleaning, I will talk to you later."
See Pastor Pimpin just had to mess it up...lol.

Pastor Pimpin recently sent me a message on Facebook, asking if I could help him with some ideas for his church. Sigh. I agreed. Pray for me ya'll!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Darell Montgomery Part 3 Meet You In My Dreams

More of the love story alrighty... Darrell and I broke up for about a month... lol. We got right back together again. That following year we were good. Life was good. My mother had finally gotten rid of the devil, at the expense of me having a nervous breakdown, police getting involved, and the courts...sigh.

Freaky Friday

Everything was somewhat peaceful... but nothing too good last forever. My mother got sick. Great. Just great. My mother was suffering from depression, she slept a lot, couldn't hold her food down, it was a mess. I was now the mother. Darrell stood by me through this. Love in it's purest form.


My mother sat me down one day, and told me that we were moving to DC. I couldn't say anything to her. I when straight to Darrell's house and told him. Darrell told me that he knew something like this would happen. My mother did something unexpected, she let Darrell sleep over. Now don't get any ideas she through out a few threats and curse words, but sex was the furthest thing from our... well my mind at the time.

We spent the night talking... hugging, laughing, and no crying was allowed. We talked about the long distance thing. We talked about the realities of doing the long distance thing. We talked about us together. We talked about us apart. We fell asleep know one thing we loved each other very much.
The next morning my mother and I packed up and left for D.C.

Keeping in Touch

Darrell and I kept in touch through the years. No matter what we found each other again. Darrell really was my best friend. Darrell would always tell me if I went to sleep thinking about him, and he would go to bed thinking about me, that we would meet each other in our dreams.