Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello Singer, Hi My Name is Wing (Wo)Man... PT 1

I have never like being the wing (wo)man. Yes... females have them too.

The Story

I would go to this go-go happy hour with a friend of mine, and she told me she had a crush on the lead male singer in one of the bands that performed. My friend would rant and rave about this guy, I thought it was cute. We get to the happy hour and are having a ball. The band came out,  we rushed to the front of the crowd. I stand there looking at him  and thought to myself "He aight....". Don't get me wrong he was a cute, but in my opinion nothing to flip-out about. The night went on and we had a FUN! Once the band finished their set they started to pack up their things.

The Plan...I Didn't Know About

So like a hawk my girlfriend watched his every move, as I sat there is ga-ga land drinking my drank (yes drank). Then out of on where she handed me a napkin. I looked at it and saw it had her name and number on it, I look at her and say "I have you number already?" While having my blonde moment my girlfriend busted out laughing (side bar: "blame it on the goose..."? (c) Jamie Foxx). My girlfriend them explains to me she wants me to give The Singer the napkin for her. Oooooooohhhhh. So we hangout a bit more, and she comes out to me and was like "they are leaving, we have to hurry and catch up with them!" I breakout my wingman cape and spring into action! [insert heroic theme music here] I bolt down the stairs in heels and all (yes i run in heels, and yes it is at the same pace as if  I were wearing running so i caught up with him, and he took a moment to catch my breath he asked, "Whoa are you ok?" While laughing at me. I say "Yes you move so fast I had to run to catch up with you!" He looks at my shoes then says " You ran in those shoes?!" I say "Yes! Now  here take this my friend wants you to call her." He says "So this is your friends number? Interesting... but I want your number." I stood there in disbelief and all I could say was... "Ummm... but my friend wants you to call her." The singer says to me "Oh I heard you the first time, But I want your number since you are the one here standing in front of me." At that point I started to laugh, and my friend caught up with us, I introduced them and he gave her his number. I walked off wondering... why didn't he give me his number? Hmmmm....

To be continued....
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