Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

I don’t remember ever having a romantic valentines day, I planned one once years and years ago, but everything that could go wrong did go wrong… lol. I was dating the handsome Larry (he is Black and Asian, with long locks…sigh…lol) I made a few Lobsters, with stemmed asparagus, a shrimp salad, and strawberry short cake (his favorite, I never cared for it, but what “my man” wants, "my man" gets). As soon as I finished cooking he called to tell me he couldn’t come because of work. As I sat on the phone with him all I could think was “I thought this only happened on TV”, Larry went on and on about how “we make everyday valentines day.” Then he told me he wouldn’t be able to call me later because his phone was about to die, but he would be able to text me… (side eye) That’s when it hit me “something was up”. I got off the phone with him and enjoyed my dinner for one, and called up my girls friends. The power of the girlfriends combined with 3way is something a man can not mess with….lol. Talking to them was just like adding fuel to the fire…lol, they all came up to the same conclusion I did “something was up”. I sat on my couch crying staring at the beautiful flower arrangement he had delivered to my job. (sad huh) I just couldn’t figure out how he could have time to be seeing me and someone else at the same time??? He was either at work, at school, or with me… I was stumped.

The next day I was getting ride home from work, and got into a car accident. ONLY ME! I finally get home, and called him… and I get he’s freakin’ voicemail. So I text him and he texted me back asking a thousand questions. REALLY!!?!??! I couldn’t do it. I laid in bed that entire weekend, aching over, I got online and had an email from this girl asking about who??? You guessed it folks Larry! She explained to me that she was away at school this whole time, and came up to surprised him for Valentines Day. She asked me to please call her. (Apparently she saw the pictures of us together on Black Planet. (If that is any indication of how long ago this took place…lol.) I called her, she didn’t act a fool or anything, we had a civilized conversation. The killer part was the fact she was at his house the whole time we talked on the phone…lol. Homegirl locked herself in his bathroom…hahahahahahahaha. When he knocked on the door he asked her what she was doing and she said “oh I’ll be out in a minute, I am talking to your other girlfriend Tiffany.” WOW! LMBO! He started calling my other line and texting me, I wouldn’t answer. Sigh.

Today Larry and I are friends surprisingly. We chat online, and even call each other every blue moon. Before you ask, how could I be friend with him after that? It’s simple, he confessed his wrong doing, and whole heartedly apologized to me. It was that simple.


This year I had 7 Valentines  Ally, Anise, Alesha, Antionette, Adien, Christina, and Melissa. I threw a “Single Ladies Brunch” we had a ball! Good food, good company, fun times. I got a few Happy Valentines Day text from some ex’s and jokers …smh.

I haven’t given up of having my one romantic Valentine’s Day, but for now, I’ll wait 


  1. the power of girlsfriends combined with 3-ways???? sounds freaky to me. i like girls who like girls who like guys :-)