Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mind Rambling

Soooooo …

HEY YA’LL I have missed ya’ll…lol. I still don’t feel 100% but hey I’ll give it a shot. What been going on that me???? Hmmmm… I had jury duty for 3 day about a week ago, it was interesting. Is it weird that I miss some of my fellow jurors? It’s a shame we didn’t get to exchange info with each other, we were so happy to finally be done with the case we ran straight out of the jury room…lol.

I haven’t been really dating… I have hung out with a guy I have know for awhile a few times… we are friends I guess… I am still thinking up a nickname for him (it's a chacarter from space ghost that reminds me of him...lol I will have to Google his name). We went to see the movie “It’s Complicated” (which was hilarious by the way). But yea, he is pretty slick I must admit… by the time the movie was over we were cuddling and holding hands… I don’t even remember it happening…lol. I get confused when I talk to him because he is very even toned, I can’t tell when he is serious or playing lol. Then there are time when he just stares at me real hard, like he want to fight me or something...lol I don't know what that is about.

I recentlyed learned something (from watching Queen Oprah) that will give me some closure about Darrell's death.

The Cutie Pie recently told me he wants other shot ***side eye*** ummm...

I have new pet peeve: why do people text you asking you to call them... if that isn't the dumbest thing!?!?!?!?! Grand dad keeps doing that ... noooooooooooo I will not call you... you can call me.

Glenn and I chatted a few days ago... he told me he is dating...yet again. I can't say I wasn't bothered, but then I started to feel sorry for the girl... whoever she is. Maybe he has finally found what he has been looking for. *shrug*

Someone makes me smile alot... and I do mean alot. It's not romantic or anything, it's just something nice. I may write about it I may not.

Oh yea before I forgot... I am revamping both blogs… so stay tuned.


  1. so what's the thing that you learned from oprah to give you closure. stupid incomplete blogs. i need people to complete thoughts to bring ME closure :-P

  2. Terrence I really dislike you. I will share what I learn when I finish the part 4 of the story of Darrell.