Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Were I have been...

Where have you been? Are you going to blog again ...lol. I took a little break. I do have alot to write about, but I will be taking baby steps.

My aunt lost her husband recently, suddenly, and quickly. I heard her yell out in pain, I sat and watched a woman's heart break. There was nothing I could do to stop her pain, it broke my heart to watch her. I watched a few tear drops fall. She tried to breath life back into her husband, but he was gone. I watched my aunt be strong. I love her so much. I got my dimples from this woman, but I haven't seen her normal smile lately. My aunt is a busy body, and shop alcoholic... lol I hope she remains that way. Will she ever be the same? I am not mad. Should I be? God needed a new angel. That puts my sadness at ease.

I have been with my family. I don't normally spend alot of time with them, I don't know why. My world just doesn't seem normal anymore. Everything feels somewhat like a dream. I feel disconnected from somethings. I am finding my passion for things again, I am finding my inspiration to write again. I am just waiting to feel like me again.

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