Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Darell Montgomery Part 3 Meet You In My Dreams

More of the love story alrighty... Darrell and I broke up for about a month... lol. We got right back together again. That following year we were good. Life was good. My mother had finally gotten rid of the devil, at the expense of me having a nervous breakdown, police getting involved, and the courts...sigh.

Freaky Friday

Everything was somewhat peaceful... but nothing too good last forever. My mother got sick. Great. Just great. My mother was suffering from depression, she slept a lot, couldn't hold her food down, it was a mess. I was now the mother. Darrell stood by me through this. Love in it's purest form.


My mother sat me down one day, and told me that we were moving to DC. I couldn't say anything to her. I when straight to Darrell's house and told him. Darrell told me that he knew something like this would happen. My mother did something unexpected, she let Darrell sleep over. Now don't get any ideas she through out a few threats and curse words, but sex was the furthest thing from our... well my mind at the time.

We spent the night talking... hugging, laughing, and no crying was allowed. We talked about the long distance thing. We talked about the realities of doing the long distance thing. We talked about us together. We talked about us apart. We fell asleep know one thing we loved each other very much.
The next morning my mother and I packed up and left for D.C.

Keeping in Touch

Darrell and I kept in touch through the years. No matter what we found each other again. Darrell really was my best friend. Darrell would always tell me if I went to sleep thinking about him, and he would go to bed thinking about me, that we would meet each other in our dreams.

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