Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pastor Pimpin'

If you are friends with me via facebook or twitter, you may have heard me mention the guy I have dubbed "Pastor Pimpin". Pastor Pimpin is a guy I when to school with, who is now a pastor. The "pimpin" comes in to play, due to him giving off the "playa, playa vibe". *blank stare*

Pastor Pimpin isn't really a bad guy, and no I am not saying that because he is a pastor. He has some good moments with me. Pastor Pimpin has this thing where he thinks he is sexy or something. *blank stare*, he is a big guy, not to say that big are sexy, because there some very sexy ones out there ***flirt, flirt, wink, wink*** it's just that Pastor Pimpin' isn't one of them.

It all started via Facebook, he would send me messages asking, "when are you going to let me take you out?", I would tell him "wouldn't you have to ask me first?". This is a typical converstation between us. Then I remember the night of the Inguaration he calls me asking what I was doing, I tell him I had to work that night. Pastor Pimpin' then tell me "Yeah, you know I wanted to see what you were doing cause I am with some of my boys, and I want to see if you could get some of your girls so we could all go hang out." OKAY DIDDY!!! For some reason that got me in a bad mood... I told him "sorry, but I am working all night."(which was true) then Pastor Pimpin' tells me "Well, okay, you know you can call me sometimes." Sigh. I tell him "Oh. Okay. Thats good to know. Well, I have to go talk to you later. Bye."

Pastor Pimpin continued to keep in contact with me via Facebook , and asked to take me out for breakfast one day. I said yes, I mean whats the worst that could happen? So we go out to breakfast one Saturday morning, it was cool. Pastor Pimpin' told me about his health issues, and why he gained so much weight, he told me about he church, and other things. I have to admit I enjoyed myself. Pastor Pimpin took me home, we said our goodbyes, and that was it. I thought to myself now that wasn't so bad. Maybe, just maybe I was too hard on him.... until I got a phone call from him. Sigh. Pastor Pimpin' called and asked
PP: "hey what are you doing?"
ME: "nothing much sitting here reading a book."
PP: "You know it would have been nice of you to invite me in."
ME: "Ummm... why would I have invited you in?"
PP: "You know we could have watched some movies or something."
ME: "I don't really have men in my apartment like."
PP: "But I am not just any man."
ME: "But you are a man."
PP: "You know I wouldn't try anything, I just thought it would have been nice to spend more time with you."
ME: "Well, maybe next time. But, I am about to do some cleaning, I will talk to you later."
See Pastor Pimpin just had to mess it

Pastor Pimpin recently sent me a message on Facebook, asking if I could help him with some ideas for his church. Sigh. I agreed. Pray for me ya'll!

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