Sunday, January 10, 2010

I was gonna name him Cat Daddy but I opted for ....

Granddad!!!! I went on a "date" last night with Granddad. If you remember my blog/rant about men giving out cards... welp he was the one that yelled at me as I was going down the Yup I called him.

So we were supposed to go out this Monday, but I canceled because I was sick as a dog. He was really understanding. He evened called to see if I needed anything. So we rescheduled for Saturday. Yup the day of the Cowboys SO. I called him Saturday, and he told me he wanted to watch the game, I asked him "do you want to see me before the game then?", and he told me "Oh no, you are coming with me." WORD!?!?! LMBO! I guess he realized that he sounded bossy, "oh man I wasn't trying to stay you had to, if you want to do something else we can." LOL! I told him it was fine, this man is too funny.

So he was was late, then i was late then we finally got ourselves So I get in the car, and then he tells me we are go anywhere since we missed the beginning of the game. Cool with me... until....

Just fast forward the 3:40

minus the coupon.

I could have died laughing then and there!!! The sad part is, while I was waiting him to pick me up their commercial came on, and I thought to myself "I could really go for some cheddar biscuits." LMBO!

We get the restaurant and I tell him we can sit at the bar to watch the game. He looked at me like he was in So we sit at the bar, he does most of the talking which I don't really mind, he is a very interesting person. I think I was in the game more than, he didn't seem to mind. I notice two chicks get across the bar kept eyeing him. Oh really tricks? It made me laugh. I went to the restroom and came back, and he was having a conversation with group of people that was sitting at the bar. "Awww he is cute." I thought to myself

Overall I enjoyed myself. The two tricks kept trying to get his attention, all I have to say about that is, they are lucky I am saved. *blank stare* But yeah, I had fun with him. He was a complete gentleman. I honestly don't see anything happening with him. Not because of his age. I just know he isn't looking for anything serious. I would hang out with him again, he has already told me that, that was going to be the first of many dates. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we shall see. Lol.

I guess I should reveal his age now... he is.... ***drum roll*** 50.

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  1. i dont get it? when i fast forwared to 3:40 it was her asking him on a date. soooo....are you saying you asked him out or are you saying he took you to red lobster?