Monday, March 8, 2010

The Asian Persuasion???

Saturday nights…

If you know me I don’t like to leave the house on Saturday, at all. It is my lazy day I get to sleep in, and watch the idiot box all day. Saturday is my day to catch up on everything on my DRV, it is as if my goal that day is to have maybe 2% on my DVR used. This Saturday didn’t go as I originally planned.

So... I went on a date Saturday with this joker I went to school with... Sigh. For the past few months he has been trying to get me to come out, I was down for it but at the last minute he would cancel, so I just started ignoring his calls and text messages. I see it like this, if you got jokes... I got jokes too! I can't stand games point blank and period!

So yesterday I had received multiple text messages at the same time (and of course he and the person I thought I was responding too have the same first initial) so I responded to him thinking I was responding to my other friend.*smacks hand against forehead* so he told me he would like my company. So a light bulb in me head went off. I thought if he cancels this time I could just tell him to lose my number. So I agreed. He told me to be ready around 8. Suuuuurrreee ***side eye***. During all this I had just washed my hair, and had no real plans of going out at all, and if you know anything about me and my hair is that my hair takes hours to dry (because I don't put heat on my hair). So I seriously was really not thinking I was leaving house. So I laid around all day. I had a towel on my head, and walked around in sweats an a hoody. He then texted asking if I leaved near a metro? You're kidding right? Right? I told him not within walking distance. As soon as I was about to tell him never mind and cancel the date, he texted saying he was playing. YEAH RIGHT! Then at about 7:30 he texted me asking I "hey you got a friend?". Really dude? Really? So I asked him for who? He said "my boy." I am thinking "I figured that much! Who is your boy?" then he tells me the guys name so I put my Sherlock Holmes hat on and facebooked him. I couldn't really tell if his friend was cute or not, but I guess he looked decent *shrugs*. I asked him would "his boy" be treating my friend to dinner, and after about five minutes of going back and forth he friend said he would treat my friend to dinner. I don't think I was wrong for asking, because technically she would be his date. Right? So I call up one of my homegirls and she said she was down to going, I said ok, but (there is always a but isn’t it…lol) if his friend was really lame and stupid, I would have to cook her a “fabulous dinner “. I swear I need new friends…lol. So I made the deal with her, while putting a menu for her together in my mind…lol. I texted him saying she agreed then he tell me his boy doesn't want to go now. Sigh. Please keep in mind it is now 8:30pm, I had just finished twisting my hair which was still damp, and I hadn't gotten dressed yet Then he calls me to tell me he was on his way. I wasn't convinced. I was laid up on my couch watching a Hallmark movie *don’t judge me* he also, told me he would call when he got close, so my thinking was if he does that then I would get dressed. So at 9:15 I get a call from him telling me he was out side. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY WARNING CALL????!!! I was so engrossed in the extremely sappy and highly predictable Hallmark movie that I hadn't even thought about what I was going to wear! So I had to spring into action I went with the same color scheme I had wore the night before, peach top, tan blazer, light denim jeans, and beige pearls, makeup natural. I put my still damp twist in an bun threw in a beige silk rose clip. And I was out the door! Yea I was the chick that had a man waiting... Bad I get in the car and we were off to dinner!

We get to the restaurant and I have this way of getting attention even without trying. I called it the shine factor, now the shine factor is something most women have. It is when your heart and soul is shining from within that the whole world can see. It gives most women a certain beauty they makes most people stop and stare. So that must have had happened, because when we walked in I had a lot of people stare, or maybe they were wondering what I was doing with this Asian dude…lol.

We had good conversation over dinner much to my surprise. He tried to play this shy role... I told him that it wouldn't work with me. He lacks a certain confidence with I like in a man. He is pretty funny though. We talked about why he was single, he explained that he is focused on getting he life together... And blah blah blah. To sum that up he is dating multiple women at the same time which he said “isn’t serious”. YEAH RIGHT! Lol.

He dropped me off, and called me when he got to tell me he enjoyed spending time with me, and would like to do it again.(that is always a good look) I told he that would be up to him. All day Sunday he has been texting me. ***Blank stare***. This outta be interesting.

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