Friday, March 5, 2010

Something Old ( well sort of), Something new ...

Yup. I disappeared again. Not that I am still in my slump, but because I have a new addiction… yes folks, it’s true I have been cheating on my Facebook game addiction with DANCING! Oh, but not just any dancing but SALSA dancing!!!

It all started with a friend of mine that runs a lounge…

I got a facebook invite to attend an International night at the lounge I use to frequent quiet often. At first I check of yes I would be attending, then a week later I change it to maybe. (I changed it to maybe due to the weather.) So my homeboy that runs the place sent me a message asking why I changed my response. (Dang I didn’t know people monitored that…lol.) I sent him a message back saying it depended on the weather. The following week the roads cleared, I got other requested to attend the event so I did.

Now growing up in Chicago I grew up around a lot of Latinos, I grew up listening to there music, eating there food, I can even remember the first time I ate guacamole as a child. To this day I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD!!! Heck I had a nanny from El Salvador who fed me crazy corn, and real pork tamales, and ect… (sigh… I miss that woman) Anywho, I had a best friend named Vanessa Marquez and her family always threw parties, and these weren’t just any parties…oh, no, no, no, these were CELEBRATIONS!!!! Like when Katt Willams joked about Mexican dancing all night until the next day, he was speaking nothing but the truth…lol. Vanessa’s step dad taught me basic salsa moves, amongst other Latin favored dances I was probably 9 years old or younger around that time.

So here I am years later taking salsa classes. It is trip, some of these move are hard, like as I type this my shins hurt, I haven’t the slightest clue why…lol. So I am currently taking the classes 3 times a week Sunday nights, Monday nights, and Thursday nights. I am giving myself about 2 months before I start actually going to salsa clubs :) .

Men in the classes…
This past Monday was the first night I went to the Monday class. It was a few cutie pies there :) , and there was this lil cutie pie with long dreads there as well sitting at the bar staring me down. ***cocoablushes*** Like homeboy really was breaking he neck watching me. So by 11 pm I was heading out to make my way to Marvin (cool lounge on Ust) , I headed to coat check and the lil cutie pie asked me to dance. I agreed, and the lil cutie pie is an awesome dancer, he was doing moves I haven’t learned yet. As we dance I was hit with this wave of musk! My eyes stared to water, and my poor, poor nose :( . It was my dance partner. Sigh. I am going to go out on a limb and say he is a “natural” guy. It could be a number of reason his under arms smelled like raw onions,
and none of the reason will be acceptable in my book. So as soon as the song ended I jetted.LMBO!

So yes dance has entered my life I can’t wait to see my progress… I may even have some video up soon 


  1. That Tiff!1
    Girl, thank you for making me crack up laughing about your dance partner smelling like onions. i was laughing out loud!!

  2. I am glad I gave to a good laugh :) Ms. M I heart you.