Sunday, November 29, 2009

Excuse me miss...

I am still on my mission of meeting new people, so far so good. This past Wednesday night I was heading to U st. with the soul purpose of going to go dancing... sooooo didn't

I had planned on going to Tabaq Bistro to get my dance on. I head to MLK to catch the bus as soon as I got there the bus pulled off... sigh ... so I decide to walk to the metro station instead. I pass by this group of men, they say hi, I say my usual "what's up" , and I noticed one of the guys had this huge smile on his face... it made me smile, keep it moving. Two minutes later I get around the corner when I hear "excuse me miss" coming from a sexy voice, I look to the side and there he is, the one with the big smile in his truck beside really? I look at him and laugh, he is cute.
Big smile: "can I call you sometime"
Me: "no, but thank you"
Big smile: "ok then, why don't you call me then"
Me: "no" lol
Big smile: "why not?"
Me: "I never do call"
(keep in mind I am still walking down the street, and he is still
***he pulls over***
Big smile: "stop being mean and let me call you" lol
Me: "fine..." ***gives him my number, and walks off***
I get to the metro station my phone is ringing... it is big smile. His name is Gary. WORD!? lol.
I end up talking to him almost all night... because he didn't want to stop talking to me. Interesting.

Fast forward a few days... He is a lot older than me... I like it! He has two children... not that much younger than just kidding.. well kind of. He has never been married. We have just been hanging out so far, we haven't been on a date yet, our schedules He smiles a lot and is always laughing at me, he is a such gentleman, and at the same time for an old dude he is really slick when getting fresh with He told me that he is very taken with me, I believe it.

This should be

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