Friday, November 20, 2009

Operation Meet New People/My Meeting with a DMV Infamous Blogger.

Hey Yall!

I am on a mission to meet new people, due to the fact I think I know about 90% of the DC area, or I know somebody that you know… lol. Soooooo here we go...

My homie Jolly tells I have to come to the Twitter party at Liv ( I was told I had to come, as in I didn’t have a say in the matter…lol). A few days ago I was invited to attend a happy hour by the infamous  Mr. Sbminnova … when I read the invite my reaction was… say whaaaaaaaa????? Lol. Heck yeah I want to hangout with this DMV living legend!!! HA! Then he told me it was Thursday… ekkkkk … the same day as the twitter party. So I had to decline, because I know me, Thursday I was in no mood to run all over the city, right after work. So I regretfully declined and told him, maybe another day…. Sigh.

Thursday rolls around… I get a tweet from Ms. Ally B aka Dimples (even though she only has one dimple, the name suites her), telling me she plans on going to lounge of three for the Hip-Hop Trivia night, so I was like you know what, I stop past there on my way home being that it is located right around the corner from Liv. Then I thought about... I was like if I can make two events in one night I can make three! I email Mr. Sbminnova , and asked him where was the happy hour at, to my surprise he emailed me back with the name and place, and told me it was from 5-7pm…. Ekkkeee… thats early. I ask him what is he doing after that he tells me that he was going home unless he gets a better offer… ask and you shall receive sir!!! I tell him about the Twitter party. Mr. Sbminnova tells me he doesn’t have Twitter but he may come through… ***clutch the pearls*** you don’t have twitter?!?!?!?! Word son??? Lol.

I get off work, go home… and what do I do??? I freakin doze off on the couch!!! WHO DOES THAT!?!?! ME!!!! Lol. I wake up and look around the living room, look at the clock on my DVR… why oh why is it 7:15 PM. GREAT! The mad dash begins. Through on jeans and a shirt, go to freshen up my make-up (shout out the M.A.C, damned if their makeup doesn’t look better the longer you wear it!) I race out the house, and just missed the bus to take me to the station! FML! I just start walking. I get to the station the one of the 90 buses should be there in 5 minutes cool, or so I thought.
This dude that works at the corner store up the street from my house is waiting for the bus too, and recognizes me. He is trying to get my number, in very bad broken English. I tell him I have a boyfriend and give him my fake name Jennifer … (Yea I lied! Shame on me!). 15 mins later no bus I give up, Metro train it is. I  see I have emails… from Mr. SBMINNOVA telling me he was there and the door hadn’t opened yet… smh. Being late is never a good first impression… bad Tiff :( . I wait for the train. Then this dude that works for the metro starts trying to holla at me. I ask him about his religious beliefs he tells me he is not a believer. (REALLY DUDE?!?!?!) I was cool about the whole situation, I think he thought I was going to judge him and all that jazz, but that’s not me… he asks for my number. I tell him the only reason I am giving him my number is because I would like to continue the conversation, because my train was coming. Robert is his name. I give Robert my number, as soon as he walks off *** BAM** the foreign corner store worker is stand right there staring at me giving me that “Bish! You said you couldn’t give me your number because you have a boyfriend, but you just gave this negro your number” look… BUSTED!!! HA! Train pulls up I look out the corner of my eye at my foreign friend and walk down to the next cart to avoid being in the same cart with him…lol. I sit down with a sigh of relife... low and behold, if the foreigner isn’t right behind me… HA! The foreigner sits right across from me to top it I feeling the foreigner staring at me as I toy with my phone avoiding eye contact… after a while I just bust out laughing at the situation. U St cardoza couldn’t have come quick enough…lol. As soon as I step off the train I see another email for Mr. SBMINNOVA telling me he left and was heading home because apparently the bouncers didn’t know what was going on with the event…:( (black functions… smh). I couldn’t really blame him I was late.. sigh. I email him back saying “awwwww… maybe next time”. By the time I get upstairs I get another email from Mr. SBMINNOVA telling me he had come back, and asking if I was sitting on the couch. Huh? Early we had email each other exchange descriptions of what we were wearing so we could pin point each other out, for instance I was looking for someone who looked like a college professor, and he was looking for a short woman with a kinky afro.

I get to Liv finally! The bouncers happen to see my worker ID as I look for my regular ID, start harassing me about giving them at discount at the hotel (black people…lol). I get inside and was greeting with a warm smile from a tall stranger …hmmm. I see two of my homies go give them hug, start going on them about this ghetto function…lol. Then I look at the tall fellow again, look at his outfit “OMG IT’S HIM”. I run over to him, he starts laughing (((hug)))…lol.HI NEW FRIEND!

Mr. SBMINNOVA and I have a few laughs, share a few stories, I even got him to do a chair dance…lol. He leaves after about a hour or so, gave me a bear hug with one arm, and lifted me out of my chair (how you doin' I felt extra tiny after that…lol.

Two seconds after Mr. SBMINNOVA leaves… dudes started coming out of the shadows to approach me…lol. I didn’t pay any of them any mind, they are what I like to call jokers/busters. I did exchange Tweets with a guy that looks like could be Terrell Owens little brother. I ran into one of my home girls and chatted with her for a second, said my goodbyes, and headed to Lounge of Three.

Lounge of Three was cool I met up with Ally B., David, and Brain. I couldn’t hear any of the trivia questions because the people in the back were talking so loudly. I left 10 minutes later.

I took the bus home, and by the time I got off it was raining cats and dogs. I was walking down the street to my apartment, and I see this young mother and her child getting drenched. I approach them and ask the mother if she wanted my umbrella, and she looked shocked…lol. The young mother is like “NO! WHAT ABOUT YOUR HAIR!” ***side eye*** Really??? HA! I tell her not to worry about my hair and worry about her baby. The young mother is staring at me in disbelief, so I have to assure her that it ok…lol. The young mother hesitantly takes my umbrella, and thanks my about ten times, as I start to run down the hill (in heels might I add…lol).

I made it home, said my prayers, and went to sleep. WHAT A FAB NIGHT!


  1. Yay!! I made the blog. :-) Seems like you had a VERY eventful evening. It was good to see you that night. Keep the blog posts coming!

  2. that umbrella thing was too nice! warmed my cold little hater heart.

    and i hate i missed hip hop trivia. i'da cleaned up there. but now that i live in dc, i expect invites to everything that goes on. RIGHT? right.

  3. I'm sorry you were not able to enjoy the full Hip Hop Trivia Night experience. Please come to the one I am hosting 1/28/2010 back at Lounge Of Three. Don't forget to say hi to me.