Monday, November 16, 2009

An Oprah Ephiany ...

Saturday aka "My stay in the house and do nothing day" I finally get around watching some of the 80% of  programming on my  DVR. I am watching Queen Oprah this episode is on "hoarders". One of Queens O's guest said something to the effect, of when you have a change in your life, you become a different person. I sat here and thought to myself "that could not be more true!"


I am a different person when in a relationship! Now I don't mean  that I change who I am, it's just that I am more happier when there is a man in my life. I can admit that. I mean who isn't? How could you not be? I mean who doesn't like having someone to enjoy life with? You know the newlywed stage in the relationship... you are walking around floating on cloud nine when you start dating someone... and all that jazz.

I am happy being single don't get my wrong, but when you are single.. you know... you don't have to be bothered with anyone, get use anyone's bad habits, and no one else to focus on but yourself... ahhhh the single life. LOL. Being single is also a plus for my Christian heart... yeah I said it! Seriously less temptation the sort of.

I guess it's time for me to come out of hiding... how can one be found while in hiding... lol. I have to get of this mind frame that I know everyone in DC... wish me luck... lol.


  1. You can always come out to Thursday happy hour with me and True2Me

  2. Ok, I can do that next Thursday, I was told I am going to a Meet and Tweet at Liv.. lol

  3. Ummm, Next Thurs is Thanksgiving.

    Well, just email me and I'll let you know what the Thursday spot is whenever you would like to come out.