Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This weekend... Introducing Glenn the ex...smh

I did not go out and meet any new people this weekend. I had way too many errands to run. I went to the dreaded laundry mat. Vegged out on my couch still trying to get done with watching all the shows stored on my DVR I am down to about I hung out with my cousin Jon we are about one year apart in age, and have the same sense of humor which is Jon has to definitely be my favorite cousin hands down.

The Metro dude Robert called me twice this weekend... he didn't have anything to talk about... go figure, he said he wants to take me out to dinner, we shall see. I have this theory which is based on Christtet Michele’s song “All In What You Do” Ms. Michele says in the song “say it with your actions, saying those words to me, doesn’t mean anything” PREACH!!!!

(Side bar: Neyo wrote this song… I really think he was a woman in his past life…lol.) So I have dubbed 2010 the PROVE IT YEAR! I will not believe anything only one tells me until I see it happen for myself (.).

I tried to go shopping… failed. I am not a good shopper… my body is out of proportion, all top no bottom... which sucks!!! I am starting consider getting a breast reduction… I need to learn more about it. Honestly I think I will really put more thought into it, if I start to have back problems.


I saw the ex for about 15 minutes on Saturday... sigh. We kissed for about 5 minutes out of the 15 minutes we saw each other, I guess it's just habit. I don't understand that man, and have accepted the fact that I never will. Each time I see him, lets me know more and more, that he really isn't the one. The bond we once had, has faded away. I don't have an hard feelings towards him anymore. I just don't trust him, he knows it, and I know it. I know he is taking baby steps to gain my trust back, but it's not working for me. I think until he feels that I am no longer mad at him anymore, he we finally be gone from my life. I think thats all he wants.
To give you a little history the ex is Glenn, he and I "dated" for about 2 two years. Glenn and I put our cards on the table up front, had the same goals, and that was it. Fast foward 6 months Glenn had a change of heart, and didn't tell me. Glenn had sex with other woman (someone I knew). Glenn and I tried to start over, one month later Glenn met someone else, and want to pursue a relationship with them, and told me we couldn't see each other anymore. One month goes by Glenn wants back in. Fast foward 3 months Glenn wants to see other people, and still be in my life. Fast forward 2 weeks spotted Glenn around town with other chicks on his arm, but I couldn't trip becasue he we technically aren't in a relationship. Fast forward 2 years Glenn finally comes out with the truth about his feelings for me, it didn't end pretty, but it gave me closure. Rewind to six months ago, Glenn is trying to creep back in, and is still The chemistry between Glenn and I is unreal. I can honestly say that's why I kept letting him come back. Glenn = bad addiction.

Breaking free from him... taught me alot, I must admit. Getting over him was easier than I though. Keeping him out of my life has been the hardest thing out of all the non-sense... so far so good.


  1. "So I have dubbed 2010 the PROVE IT YEAR!"

    That's a good mantra to have. Might have to use that one.

    As far as Glenn goes.....cut him off. I know it's hard, but all you are doing is allowing him to use you as his fall back. Until you start really telling him no and meaning it, he will always feel that you will be there for him.

  2. I get that! If you tell someone you don't like them as a person, and they still keep coming back... what do you do with that???
    The line has been drawn with us... it's a wrap.
    I had a weak moment... I missed being kissed, and he knows what I like...soooo... that's all it

  3. I was with a bad addiction for 2 years so I know the feeling. One day you wake up and realize this is so not what you deserve.
    I always say we deserve to threated like princesses. Be strong :)
    For the breast reduction, think about it hard because my bff had it done and she sd it was very painful.

  4. Thank you Shannia. You are right we all are Princesses