Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am convinced men like crazy...

I frequently find myself in this scenario: the woman my ex dates after me and wants to settle down with is either full of drama and/or crazy. It is become rather frustrating to me. So I did what anyone would do... I went and asked an Ex.. lol.

He told me I have a warm, inviting, and simplistic nature which throws men off. He went on to tell me that men nervously are sitting there waiting for the crazy to come out. And when it never does, they INTENTIONALLY start doing things to try to piss me off… to see my reaction to things. My ex pretty much broke it down for me, he told me about myself as well, I can tell he was waiting to get that off his, but that’s for another blog... maybe later today.

So I am pretty much convinced that unless you have a lot of drama going on in your life, and are nuts, you will never have a successful relationship. He told me no matter how much a man says he wants a woman with no drama, he is lying. He told me every man has a "captain save em" complex. This started to confuse me... and I thought he was maybe saying that I (me personally) don't show I care about the man I am dating. He told me no those are to separate This was like a two hour long conversation. I am thinking about testing out this theory... to see if its I mean I should start dating someone, act like I have all this drama going on in my world, be mean, and crazy, just to see if that makese the guy want to be with me more.

Hmmmm... I just might do


  1. Everybody likes crazy. When the sane ones do come around we are so used to the crazy ones that we don't know how to react.

    Then there are the sane for a moment types too. You meet their representative and once they get comfortable, that's when the real person comes out.

  2. I don't like crazy... thumbs down at the Seriously. Why fake it when the truth always comes out?