Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have traded in sex for...

I lost track of the last time I had sex.... I know I stopped having sex months before I gave my life to Christ... for reason I will discuss in other blog...lol. I have this addiction that as been brought on by my abstinence. This addiction has taken over my day to day activities, I schedule my life around my addiction. I know what you are thinking. “OMG!!! WHAT ARE YOU ADDICTED TO ” Sigh… I know I should know better.

My name is Tiffany, and I am Facebook game-oholic.

My habit started off with a co-worker telling me about Sorority Life. Next thing I knew I was so far ahead of her in the game she had started coming to ask me about things going on in the game. It got so bad that with the older version I was able to play it from my phone. I couldn’t wait for lunch time so that I could escape and go off to my virtual world. Then they update the whole game, and started adding all these other new things to it. I was still a little interested but this new version was nothing like old one.

Then facebook came out with the UNO application… oh my! So now I got to put a hurting on people I didn’t even know from all over the world.

After Uno, Bejeweled became my next fix. That game is 60 seconds of pure bliss. You would just keep playing, and playing, and playing, not even realizing that hours have gone by…lol. Then they updated that game too. Arruuuggggghhh… lol.

I keep getting these invite for this game called Farmville, I would just ignore them I was trying to quit cold turkey. No such luck… lol. My big sis and I were talking on the phone and she was telling me how fun the game was … (peer pressure all over again), she went on to tell me that our Aunt Rose was also playing the game to (basically telling me “everyone’s doing it”….lol)

Farmville really is a great game…lol. I virtually own the largest farm land you can purchase… sigh. You have to make sure you harvest your plants on time, or they will die. It’s basically like the giga-pet of gaming…lol. When I started this game my sister was 7 levels ahead of me. Today I am 3 levels ahead of her. This same company has other games I give me a little high… there is Yoville, CafĂ© World, and now Fishville.

So here I am Facebook game-oholic...lol pray for me ya'll.  


  1. farmville???? i am actually ashamed to call you my friend now. please unfollow me on twitter. ttyn.

    that means "talk to you never", in case you didnt know :-)

  2. how you making up your own lingo...lol JERK! Well you are going to be unfollowing a few ppl on twitter, because I am not the only one...lol.