Sunday, December 6, 2009

19 year old men???

I have recently been finding myself being approached by 19 year old men everywhere I go. I am full aware that I look young, but dang... lol. What am I going to do with a 19 year old???

This summer I spent time with a 19 year old. When we met we didn't know each others age... heck I thought he was older than me, and so did Once the dust settled we both knew nothing would come of it, it was very innocent. I think he was put in my life to remind me of how I should be treated. He is going to make some woman very happy someday when he is older.

Another 19 year old was very persistent, lol. He told me "no matter my age, I am a man first." That was deep. I had no doubt in my mind that he really liked me, but I knew he didn't want the things in life that I do right now.

Just the other day I was approached by , you guessed it, yet another 19 year old! He is is fully aware that I am older than him, but he is still trying to figure how much I found him looking at me during the day, and trying to be near me wherever I was... sigh.. I wish he wasn't so darn cute. I can't do! None the less it was flattering.

I am not saying that I wouldn't date a younger man, but I know for a fact that whether it be a male or female at that age, has soooo much growing and learning to do. For me I am looking to settle down, get married, start a family. I have never heard of any 19 year old saying that want that in their life right now.

I wish someone would invent a 19 year old


  1. That's funny. You seemed to be like me meeting people from SC and that are Scorpios.

  2. I am 35 and look a lot younger, I have 23/24 years olds hitting on my all the time. Lately I started telling them right off that I am almost 40, usually scares them away.. others think they're enough man for me but let's face it, i'd be very immature if I was in the same place as they are in their lives.
    It is flattering though don't you find?

  3. That's crazy, because this 19 year old has been all up in my grill.
    And Im like uh lil boy please leave me alone.
    but everyday...i find myself thinking abt him a lil.
    ugh lol
    Not doing it. 30 and up for this 27 yo

  4. dude, you fell for "no matter my age, I am a man first." that's a classic "im too young for you but wanna holla anyways" line. ninja may as well have said "age aint nothin but a numba" *lmao*

    ps: they do make 19 y/o repellant. it's called granny panties.