Monday, December 28, 2009

Darrell Montgomery Part 2 my boyfriend, my bestfriend

2nd part of the love story folks... it is hard to figure out what parts I should put in and leave out... I think I will be ending this with either a 3rd, or 4th part. Not sure yet. So many memories....

Darrell became my boyfriend shortly after we met. He asked me over the phone to be his girlfriend ... lol. Darrell is one person that truly made me feel special. He always held my hand, and I let him. I wasn't one for PDA back Darrell ended up moving with his father to be closer to me. That touched me in a way I had never felt before in my life. I was so happy.

Our secret

Darrell met my, and mother she liked him, which was My mother's boyfriend didn't care for Darrell too much, and Darrell felt the same way about him. Darrell and I were always together. Darrell would meet me at the bus stop when I got home from school, I would go watch him at football practice. We were inseparable. Then one day Darrell disappeared. A week he was gone, I didn't know what to do. Tiffany J. explained to me Darrell had moved back to his mother house. I was shocked, I cry for two day straight. He left without say goodbye, or anything. Tiffany J. assured me he would call. Two weeks later I got the call. Darrell kept repeatedly telling him that "he just had to go, he just had to go." I cried. Darrell cried. Darrell didn't want to tell me why. Then he said the words that change everything between us. "I left because he father hits me." We both cried for a few more minutes I then told him "he mother’s boyfriend hits me too". Darrell got angry, and told me his was coming back.

Our Bond

Darrell came back, and came straight over my house we sat on the couch and hugged in silence for some hours. Darrell told me he loved me for the first time that day. I told him that he was my best friend and that I loved him too. I told Darrell if he needed to leave again I would understand. Darrell told me he wouldn't leave me again. Darrell saved my life, I thank God for placing him in my life. Darrell was my first love, Darrell was the first person to ever make me feel loved. Darrell made me feel safe. For the first time in my life I left safe. I could breathe.

Some people may have heard me say that Darrell saved my life. I believe that statement with all my heart. I don't know how I could have gone through so must abuse without Darrell. Before Darrell the abuse had become bigger than my faith in God. I felt my spirit disappear. I would walk around as a shell of a person. I would question God why was I going through this? Why was anyone my age going through this? With every new bruised on my skin, I wanted it to end, I mean I really wanted life to end. Then God place Darrell in my life. I found strength. I started to fight back against the evil 6'4 300 pound monster known as my mother’s boyfriend. I imagine being a fly on the wall watching a 6'3 300lb man in a no holds bar boxing match against a 90-100lb 5'0 girl, had to be a sight to see. Darrell told me to using any and everything I could get my hands on, and that I did.

Some may question, why Darrell didn't do anything... I asked him not to. Weird huh? Well this how that would have played out. If Darrell would have done something, I would not have been allowed to see him. That's just how my mother rolled then. Like when her boyfriend first put his hands on me he literally picked me up and threw me into the kitchen sink.Thats right a kitchen sink folks. He thought I was getting smart with him, when I was just trying to explain something to him...crackheads I tell ya. I ended up getting put on punishment for a month, for that *blank stare* ..smh.


  1. damn son! i had no idea tiffers! i never would have imagined. you seem so well ajusted now. damn that sucks! it sucks when any kid gets beaten (not whooped, beaten) but it especially sucks when it's somebody you know. my heart goes out to you homie. this is some tyler perry/medea type sh*t. i can't wait to read part 3!

  2. LMBO @ Tyler Perry/ Madea
    But, yeah some people know some people don't I mean how, and why does one bring it up? I don't think I am well adjusted to the point I would like to be. I still have a problem with conflict, that's why I don't argue with people I just leave. When I am hurt I shut down, that also stems from this. Um, I can't do someone cursing at me either. I developed insomnia from the trauma. My mother and I have a very strained relationship due to those events that took place.
    I have never been able to take pity on myself, or the situation. I figured there was someone else out there going through something worst than me.
    I hope to have part 3 done by the end of the week.

  3. Hey Tiffany.... reading your blog yesturday brought up so many emotions and memories for me, I can totally understand and relate to your story, I also had a "Darrell" that saved my life.. I was abused growing up, mentally, emotionally and most of all physically. Growing up you think that your parents should protect you from danger not put you smack dead in the middle of it. As a result of the abuse I went through, it caused me to become violent..: I would constantly get into fights with people growing up it could over a look, talking about Michael jackson or just bc I felt disrespected,I figured I can't control the abuse in my home but I will control it With the public. I am knowlonger the same person from my youth I have been deliverd but the reprecussions of abuse takes it toll