Monday, December 28, 2009

Men... ya'll slay

I am currently still working on my blogs about Darrell, but as you can imagine it is a rather emotional topic, so I decided to lighten up a bit with this one.

So I have been running into some more interesting characters lately, and each one has me questioning "where they do that at?". What is this not so new trend of giving out business cards? Like I haven't gotten a card up until this point was 94' ... seriously. The first was in February at a party at some lounge that was at off of New York Ave. I looked at it and Then last month I was in the cafe at work and a contractor with the A/V company gave he his card.... I was confused. Most recently I went to a Happy Hour with a new friend, and was we were going down the step to leave a older gentleman yelled down the steps at me, "excuse me, I couldn't let you leave without saying something to you!" I look up the staircase puzzled.  The man told me "I don't want to disrespect your friend, but I think you are beautiful and have a beautiful spirit." Pause: I thought this guy was gay, now he didn't really do anything flamboyant, but I just thought that. I mean this is DC. *blank stare* Anywhoo I tell him "oh you are fine, he is just a friend on mine." he asked me to come upstair real quick. Why not *shrug*. I go upstairs, and he says "so he is just a friend of yours?" I say "yes, he is a married man." He hands me his card The man then tells me "take this and use it, so we can hang out too, and I am not" Oh word! LOL.

Two things I have a problems with...
1. what if my friend was my "man", like you just going to come at me like that? lol.. yelling down a stairwell. 2. This one isn't so much the mans problem, but my own. I don't call... I know, I know... bad Tiffy, but I just don't. I didn't use to be that way... *shrug*. I just don't like calling anyone really. I really have to get over that.I'll call back, but I don't like calling...

I am too old fashion, I guess trying not to be so old fashion should be one of my new years resolutions *shrug*. I have been on a one woman quest in performing CPR on Chilvary because I don't want it to die.


  1. *wakes up and wipes the slob from the corner of his mouth* oh, i'm sorry. were you blogging just now, or boring me to death? how you gon start the blog off tom bout "comic relief" and then ain't sh*t funny happen? if it wasnt so cold and windy outside i'd drive to the other side of dc right now and pinch you for lyin :-P

  2. Just for you I willl change that JERK!!!!