Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Day

Soooooo... I am snowed in... I woke up laying diagonal in my bed with 1 sock I must have been tired. I have been bumming around my apartment all day, eating cereal and
I have been looking up recipes, I get excited when I learn new things.
I got a call from that joker  Rob I was shocked he had the nerve to call me. I answered and told him I would call him back, that didn't happen.It won't happen. I wasn't about to listen to that joker talk about nothing in my ear, because he was suck in the house with cabin fever... nope, no way, no how. Not to mention this was the first time I am hearing back from that buster since he asked to take me to dinner a WEEK ago...smh. Then The Cutie hit me up on facebook, we chatted it up for a second. *shrug*
Other than that, this has been a relaxing day, just been clowning on facebook and twitter. I was talking to a guy I went to school with, he asked if we should hang out, I told him yes, we exchanged numbers. We shall
I was talking to my brother yesterday, and he was telling me that he like the fact I different different types, of men, because it gives him hope he will find a girl like me.... awwwwwwww that was sweet of him to say :). I randomly ask two of co workers if they could see me with either a older man, or a white man. They both said white man very quickly, their reasoning was becasue they can see me meshing well with a white man better *shrugs* WORD? I told the story to a guy I attend church with, he told me he thinks it doesn't matter to me what race the guy is as long as the guy makes me happy, that is so true.
I continue to pray for patience... and keep reminding myself to focus on the bigger picture. It's have a lot of love and feelings bottled up for my future husband, it is hard to contain myself at times... oh well.


  1. gotdam. is marriage & findin a husband all women think about? if women were to put that energy into furthering their education and makin monies, who knows where they'd be right now. you could be the next oprah winfrey but instead you waitin round for some dude to come save you & pining over it. i'm ashamed of you tiffers. do better

  2. whoa whoa whoa, if I was sitting around waiting on a man, I wouldn't be reaching for my goal now. Now I fail to understand, how I waiting for a man to "save" me. (by the way I know you are saying this to piss me off, because it's the hater in you anywhoo. It is a dream of mine to be a wife and a mother, so until then I am using this time to better me. :P YOU SUCKA!!!!

  3. well then, long as you're using the time to better you, we have nothin to argue about. clearly i was mistaken and we're actually both saying the same thing. and ima start bein nice so people forget im a hater/jerk and that way when i start back bein a jerk again people are surprised. i cant even get a rise out of anyone now a days. everybody just shrugs me off or laughs. that's kind of disheartening to a hater like me *lol*