Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Darrell Montgomery Part 1 how we met

This song make me happy and sad all at once...

This song pretty much sum up how I feel about someone that is no longer here with us...

His name is Darrell F. Montgomery. I loved him very much.

Note: Putting this together has been very emotional for me, so it is going to broken up into a few parts, so you don't have to read so much.

The Tale of the Two Tiffany’s

As some of you may know I grew up in Chicago, North Side (and yes not everyone is from the South . I went to a school for the arts called Lakeview (ya girl has mad writing The first two weeks of school I sat in homeroom, and the teacher would do roll call. The teacher would call out "Tiffany", and I would look up, and he would say "no, not you Tiffany, Tiffany Johnson." I would just put my head back down. "Who is this Tiffany Johnson, and why hasn't she been to school?" I would think.Then one day I was sitting on the bus going to school I notice an unfamiliar face on the bus, she looked at me and rolled her eyes, I thought to myself "did that Bish just roll her eyes at me?" I just turned and continued to look out the window. The evil chick got off the bus before me. I get to school, then home room, and sit with my homeboys. Roll call begins. The teacher called out “Tiffany, Tiffany Johnson." To my surprise I hear a voice say “here”. Word? I turn to see who my "name twin is”. As some of you may have guessed it, yup it was the evil eye rolling chick…lol. The teacher calls on me this time and she looks my way and tilted her head sideways at me…lol. Homeroom lets out, and what do you know, Tiffany Johnson has all the same classes as me…lol.

The next day on the bus Tiffany Johnson speaks to me, she asked me “Where do you get off the bus?” I told her the stop after the one she got off at yesterday. Tiffany went on to explain to me that where she get off the bus is a quicker way. GOOD LOOKING OUT! Come to find out Tiffany lived just down the street from me too … lol. Needless to say Tiffany and I became best friends after that day.

His Picture

Tiffany J. had an uncle that basically lived across the street from me, and he had a little four year old daughter. Tiffany and I would go over her uncles house, and take her little cousin to the park and play. One day we were at her uncles house and Tiffany tell me she want to show me a picture of her cousin. Tiffany excitedly tell me how cutie he is and they he is going to be my boyfriend…lol. I see the picture. I fell in love then and Yes, I fell in love with a picture. His name is Darrell. Darrell did not live with his father, but he lived on the South Side with his mother. Darn.


Like clock work Tiffany J. and I went to her uncles’ house to get her little cousin, but this day was different. Tiffany rang the buzzard, and this guy sticks his head out of the window, and yells “who’s that?!?” We both look up. Hi Darrell. Tiffany J. starts screaming. I froze. Darrell tells us he is coming down stairs. I tell Tiffany J. we should make a break for it, she grabs me to keep me from running off. By the time Darrell gets down stair Tiffany J. pretty much wrestled me down… lol. Tiffany J. introduces us, she say “Little Darrell this is my friend Tiffany the one I said is going to be your girl friend.” SAY WHAAAAAAA???!!!! Standing there embarrassed and with a stomach full of butterflies, Darrell extended his hand to shake my hand. Interesting. We shook hands, but Darrell acted like he didn’t want to let my hand go. Sigh…lol. He started talking to me about god knows what, I couldn't answer because the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy! He was still holding my hand. Darrell laughed, and then he went on to tell us his little sister was with her mother and they would be back later. Darrell continued to talk to me, while still holding my hand, Tiffany J. found it HILARIOUS! After a few more minutes we said out goodbyes, Darrell asked me for a hug goodbye, I obliged. That hug felt so right. I was never big on hugging or anything, but at that time in my life it turns out to be exactly what I needed.


  1. i'm mad tiffany j intriduced him as "little darrell". when i read that i imagine her introducing him in rickey smiley's "lil darrell" voice and i lstm (laugh silently to myself)

  2. you are stupid... Tiffany J just found me on facebook a few months ago... I was so happy.