Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Always in 3’s

You know the saying that goes something like this "...blah blah blah, everything happens in 3's" I am starting to think that it's true. I met 3 different men around the same time... and I am pretty much done with all of them...already... lol. Here is the story.

Metro Dude Rob - Rob is metioned in this blog...

Rob asked me out twice, and I said yes twice, did it happen no…lol. First time he canceled saying he had drive to Va, for his mother ***side eye** riiiiggggggghhhttt. Second time was Sunday, he called me waking me up from my fourth nap of the day, and asked if I would like to go to dinner, I said yes, he sounded excited, he then told me that he was going to jump in the shower and call me back. I went back to sleep…lol. I woke up three hours later, no missed call no text message… nothing. I wasn’t even surprised… honestly I didn’t even want to leave the house, I had such a long week and weekend, I needed the rest. I still haven’t heard from him, let us hope he is smart enough to lose my number.

The Old Man - The Story of The Old Man

The old man is no more too. He turned out to be such a joker!!! I tell ya he was the funniest out of the bunch. He got an attitude with me when I told him I didn’t have a portable DVD player, he wanted to use it while he was at work, I hadn’t even known the bamma week, and he was already trying borrow stuff? WORD? Few days later he tells me his was going to bring me his laundry to do, I had to laugh it off, and because he couldn’t possible be serious, right? We had a hour longer discussion about that…lol needless to say it didn’t happen. A few days after that he tell me he is bring his work shirt over for me to iron. I couldn’t do anything but laugh at that, he got an attitude because I was laughing at him, and that didn’t happen either.
One day the old man came over my house and was eating dinner I was sitting on the couch next to him watching tv, and he turned in kissed me… You ever see that awkward kiss in a movie when the other person’s eyes had gotten really big and they are looking at the other person, and then the one that initiated kiss has that look like they are really passionate and it looks somewhat like this...

 and into it. It was just like that! Then the buster had the nerve to have spaghetti sauce on his mouth… ***ewwwweeee***

Then he lost his wallet, so he call me early in the morning (before I get up for wok, might I add) and ask me to look for it in my couch, I look and don’t find it. He call me back when I am leaving out the house asking me to look again. ***blank stare*** I tell him that I already left out for work, and I would look again when I got home. I called him later in the day to see if he found it, no answer.

I get home from work and look again no wallet. I call him to tell him this, again no answer. So I text him and tell him, no wallet found, and I don’t hear back from him.

The next day I call him, and he sends me to voicemail ***aarrruuuggghhh***. So I text him saying “I have called you, and have texted, and have heard nothing back, I can take a hint deuces”. And what do you know… he calls me back…sigh. He doesn’t acknowledge the fact he hasn’t called me, or my text message. I asked him about it, and he nonchalantly “yea I saw it” . ***blank stare***. Then he did the unthinkable… he asked me for something!!!! This negro asked me if I had a credit card he could use, if I could have dropped dead there and then I think I would have….lol. He tells me being that he lost his wallet, he needed the obtain a copy of his birth certificate, to get a new driver license, and that he needs to use MY credit card to have it overnighted…ummmm… yeaaa….NO! I told him being that I had done my Christmas shopping my credit cards were maxed out, then he asked me “so you telling me you don’t have $30 on a card credit” like what part of “maxed out” don’t you get!?!!? I tell him, "that is exactly what I am telling him". We wrap up the conversation, with him saying he was going to call me when he got off of work, and it never happened. Just the humor myself, I text him the next day asking if he needed me to iron his work clothes for him, and he actually texted me back saying “yes”. BWHAHAHAAHHAHHAHAHAHA that gave me a helluva laugh!!!!

***SIDE BAR- I think old man might be a crackhead... I am just sayin... it would explain a lot!***

The Cutie - The Story of The Cutie

Welp was quick…lol. I am not sure what happened to the cutie… we went from talking everyday to not talking anymore. Last thing I heard from him was a text message, asking if I have made it home from work yet, I said yes, and that was the end of that **shrugs**. I will give him a few more days before I totally rule him out… I guess.


Is it normal to be un-phased by this? I remember a time I would be bothered and want to know what happened, but now I could care less. Even with the old man, I didn’t really care, but I was annoyed, due to fact I had a lil twig of hope that things would be different with him because he is older… I was wrong... lol.


  1. Ok, I don't want you to ever, ever, ever let The Old Man come to your house again!! He has serious issues. Stay away!

  2. "arrr-ruhhhhh... arr-ruhhhhh" (c) Tommy Strawn

    why you got some old cat at your crib tho?! making dinner... word? you prolly made that spicy chicken and he's been trippin' ever since, hahaha

  3. Ally you don't have to tell me
    Jacky all he got was left over spaghetti, only people I really like get the good

  4. GURLL!!! old dude was straight trippin!!, ironing clothes, doing laundry, borrowing credit cards?!?! what in the crapola did he think this was? he should have most definitly known better with his old trifiling booty cheeks!!

    Men trip at any age.
    Tiff you are awesome, beautiful and bake cupcakes, the right man
    will find you when u least expect it.

    your too fly to be with just any guy...

    Hold up...
    gurl did you peep my flow though!?!?
    okay now i am!

  5. lmao- rolling!
    They sound like negros I know.
    I puked a lil in my mouth @ the spaghetti sauce.

  6. Your Old Mad sounded as lame as (worse) than the one I dealt with last year. (I called him Old man too)

    Ehhhh, welcome to dating in DC

  7. Ahhhhhaaaa men in DMV are the worst I need to import a

  8. ok, this story was COM-O-DEE! specially the old man. im like dude, the time it would take for u to drive the shirt over, you coulda ironed it yourself. and "lemme hold your credit card" got me DYIN over here. these ninjas is whack. dont let me turn up single in DC. these girls wouldnt know what hit em

  9. Hey,

    You invited me over for dinner...gave me a half-assed kiss...fed me weak ass Ragu spaghetti sauce...stole my wallet. Thanks for ruining my life :-/

  10. dear metro man aka anonymous,

    you are sooooooo silly!!!1